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Our Nation's Credit Card Problem
Number of words: 541 - Number of pages: 2

.... My generation just embarked down the same ruinous path. Many students come out of school not knowing how to balance a checkbook. College is where you start learning firsthand about finances and credit because the credit companies are sending out cards by the buckets to students. Citicorp just spent ten-million marketing credit cards to high- school kids. Sixty-one percent of all college students are carrying a card, and thirty-two percent of those got it before college. However a recent survey showed that fewer than thirty percent of the students pol .....

Number of words: 748 - Number of pages: 3

.... jobs for the people of Ontario. From past years it can be noted that Ontario casinos are taking in great amounts of money annually. Casino Rama in Orillia took in 366.1 million2 last year and Casino Niagara had revenues of approximately 650.0 million3. Of those amounts the government will take two to four percent4 for funding programs. This funding goes towards such areas as agriculture, environment, fisheries, and aquaculture. If the funding was not from these casinos where would it come from, and would these mean the each of these areas would also g .....

The Mentality Of The Stock Market
Number of words: 874 - Number of pages: 4

.... their opinion on a company the day after a company releases good or bad earnings, in other words their recommendations come about one day late. A more informed or confident stock trader may call the company and ask them to send a quarterly report so they can look over the company's financial figures, and find out who holds most of the stock. If a large portion of the company is held institutionally, bad news can hurt the stock dramatically because institutions tend to sell at the first sign of weakness, which might be 50% of the outstanding shares. Another .....

A Job At UPS
Number of words: 999 - Number of pages: 4

.... is not under continual supervision and uses personal judgment in pacing the day. A typical work week usually consists of a 5-day 40-hour schedule. The driver strive to keep the workday at 8 hours, but since the parcels must be delivered on time to maintain the company reputation, overtime work is occasionally is necessary. Also, the constant driving in heavy traffic, starting and stopping to deliver, and the repetition of duties may become tiring. The weather also plays an important role in working conditions and environment because one is exposed to it ma .....

Management And The Body Shop
Number of words: 1468 - Number of pages: 6

.... examining the functions of management where the basics of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling apply to The Body Shop. In 1976 an inexperienced Anita Roddick got tired of unsubstantiated Management and The Body Shop claims of the cosmetics industry that their products couldn't deliver. She decided to make a decision that would change her life forever. Anita became a manager of her own small business in Brighton England. Selling the natural secrets found throughout the world; learned from extensive travel while employed as a teacher with the U.N., she .....

Canada's Foreign Trade
Number of words: 785 - Number of pages: 3

.... trade. China, a communist country, with the largest population in the world, relies heavily on Canadian food products to feed its enormous population. If Canada were to suddenly sever trade with China, not only would Canada lose a large portion of revenue generated from that trade, but also many Chinese people would starve, as China does not have the means to produce enough food for its peoples. Advocates for trade with all countries, regardless of a country's human rights issues, argue that trade sanctions do not harm the government in charge, but rathe .....

Make-Up Art Cosmetics
Number of words: 1421 - Number of pages: 6

.... $160 million. There are currently 108 locations between Canada, the U.S., and Europe, with extreme success in London, England. Although the company could easily expand to may more locations, the company would prefer not to, at least no so fast. They believe that in order to maintain high levels of quality, staying in control, (which means going slowly) is the key. Frank Toskan, 45, founder and CEO of Make-up Art Cosmetics, was previously a Canadian hairstylist, make-up artist and photographer, who developed his own professional cosmetics because he felt .....

Free Trade Agreement And Its Affect On Canadian Business
Number of words: 1290 - Number of pages: 5

.... function better with the FTA. The FTA stands to alter Canadian business which has grown rather relaxed and inefficient behind walls of tarrifs. While these may have initially spurred industry, they have after time encouraged complacency. With these rapidly disappearing walls, business will have to become "lean and mean" in order to compete in a very competitive global market. Looking at the present state of affairs our status in research and development (R&D), labour costs and expansion, there is much that must be done. Compared to the other industrialized w .....

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