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Monetary/Fiscal Policy
Number of words: 1455 - Number of pages: 6

.... selling U.S. Securities over the open market. The major governmental problem is trying to balance the budget. The United States government is currently in debt $5,262,697,717,000 as of February 7. This number grows about $10,000 per second(see charts 2,3,and 7). President Clinton, Chairman Greenspan, and Congress are all working towards a balanced budget by the year 2002. As many economists explain , the need is for legislation to keep the budget balanced for years to come and not look for a quick fix to balance the budget for only a few months to quiet crit .....

Pan American World Airways, Inc
Number of words: 1404 - Number of pages: 6

.... currencies against the U.S. dollar, fare increases in the market, enhanced management systems and procedures, as well as programs to reduce the dependence on wholesale ticket distributions throughout the Atlantic, Latin America, Domestic, and systemwide. Eventhough revenue was strong in 1988, labor and other costs increased at a higher rate as a consequence of efforts to improve service and effectiveness of the operation. Labor costs were higher in 1988 due to the result of an increase in the number of employees during the year. Also the addition of .....

Role Of Government In Mixed Economies Such As Australia
Number of words: 1711 - Number of pages: 7

.... the privatisation of government business enterprises (GBE) and deregulation of the financial market. The main roles that the Australian government plays today are to ensure: 1) The efficient and even distribution of income (though CSSB, tax) 2) Provide a limited range of goods and services (Aust post) 3) General economic management through macro and micro economic policies. In 96/97 the CAD fell to $20.9bn from the $27bn blowout during 95/96. This was largely due to a fall in domestic spending which lead to a slight rise in national s .....

Book Review Of Business Policy And Strategy: An Action Guide
Number of words: 4406 - Number of pages: 17

.... fail, and provides the reason for continuing with the remainder of the text. The next two chapters focus on the "field of action," including the business environment and the business system. The fourth and fifth chapters introduce strategic management (chapter 4) and the struggle not only to survive, but to prosper using strategic management (chapter 5). Chapters Six through Nine address specific functional areas (marketing, accounting/finance, production, and engineering/research and development). Chapters 10 and 11 introduce the reader to the problems o .....

Glass Ceiling In Corporate America
Number of words: 2964 - Number of pages: 11

.... if so, to what extent? The "glass ceiling" is a concept that betrays America's most cherished principles. The glass ceiling is the unseen, yet unbroken artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organizational bias that keeps minorities and women from advancing to the upper realm of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. These artificial barriers in the work place are experienced by African-Americans, persons with disabilities, Native Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, Asian Pacific Islander Americans, employees in low paying j .....

Situation Analysis: Ford Mustang
Number of words: 4737 - Number of pages: 18

.... revolutionized the automobile industry. Soon all of the top auto producers would have a assembly line of their own. The lower costs and faster delivery meant a lower price, and the average family could afford and get one. Ford's Model T soon became the most popular car of the time (Chandler 15). The Great Depression In October of 1929, America experienced a crash in the stock market that left the thriving country poor and desperate. With the decline in both disposable and discrete income, the demand for new automobiles almost stopped. This huge decrease in .....

New Financial And Statistical Measures To Monitor The Success Of GE
Number of words: 3914 - Number of pages: 15

.... is the wrong answer.1 For us the new trend is the entrance into the service industry. The question must then be: is this the right answer? GE is expecting to increase its revenue by the year 2000 to $120 billion compared with $58 billion in 1990. In other words, if the forecast proves to be correct, it will obtain an average annual rate of growth of 7.5%. This high rate is mainly attributed to the expansion of the services sector of the company, which is estimated to increase by an average annual rate of 13% compared with a corresponding one of 2.1% for manu .....

Chaos In The Currency Markets : Currency Crisis Of The EMS
Number of words: 827 - Number of pages: 4

.... selling currencies) in the foreign exchange markets and indirect intervening by affecting macro variables such as interest rates. 2. What does the crisis of September 1992 tell you about the weakness of fixed exchange rate regimes? From European currency crisis of September 1992, it shows us that there are weakness of the fixed exchange rate system. When exchange rate are tied, a high interest rate in one country has a strong influence on interest rates in the other countries. Funds will flow to the country with a more attractive interest rate, which reduces t .....

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