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The Merger Of Trizec Corporations And Horsham Incorporated
Number of words: 659 - Number of pages: 3

.... Hahn Company.4 Horsham Incorporated is led by Peter Munk who owns 10% of the equity and 80% of votes through ownership of multiple voting shares. Horsham Incorporated has assets including Clark Refining and Marketing Incorporated, 20% of American Barrick and real estate in Berlin.5 The proposal in 1994 had Horsham paying 500 million dollars to receive a portion of the debt that is convertible to common shares and then another 100 million dollars for additional equity. The deal put a total value of 1.2 billion dollars into debt and outstanding equity in T .....

Industrial Transformation: Economic Development Between 1865-1900
Number of words: 1195 - Number of pages: 5

.... were also only two cities in the whole Union that produced over $100,000,000 a year, when at the turn of the century there were individuals that were worth more then that at some point in there life. The first rail roads were not made till 1828, but in 1870, they were making more in a year then there was prior put together almost. Towards the 1850ís the fastest transport to the west was the Pony Express, but in the 1870ís there was the Trans-Continental rail road, and the Southern Pacific Rail Road along with the telegraph and soon after the telephone. In all .....

Justification Study Of Automation At Douglas Electronics Company
Number of words: 1657 - Number of pages: 7

.... assembled. This would increase our production of the product by approximately 140 % in the same time frame that we are currently operating. The analysis shows that the operation will take three robots to do the required task in the shortest amount of time. The whole work cell will be designed so that the assembly line will be both continuous and synchronized. I am assured that the floor space now available will be more than adequate and could even be reduced by approximately 50 % of the space now allocated to production, upon completion of the project. .....

What Is Demand
Number of words: 508 - Number of pages: 2

.... goes up, the amount of goods purchased will be lessened. Increases in income results in increasing of options of what and how much a person may purchase. Normal goods refer to products that people tend to buy more of as their income increases. Inferior goods are goods that people use less of as their income increases. The goals of a person refer to the "wants" and "needs" of a person. Goals of a consumer depends on multiple factors. Factors ranging anywhere from age, education, and region to social customs. People in different areas are influenced by .....

Business Etiquette
Number of words: 3250 - Number of pages: 12

.... etiquette issues in the business arenas of the 90s? Basically because diversity, based on gender, cultural background, age, and degree of experience in today's business, creates a clash of standards and behavioral expectation. Not only is these differences internationally a concern, but also a concern among the relationships of Americans. Finally globalization has changed the way we do business, demanding new levels of expertise in dealing with people (Klinkenburg.) Rude business etiquette goes on daily in our country. Sometimes it is so common, people s .....

U.S Monetary Policy In 1995
Number of words: 1368 - Number of pages: 5

.... as hoped has moved onto a trajectory that could be maintained--one less steep than in 1994, when the rate of growth was clearly unsustainable, but one that nevertheless would imply continued significant growth and incomes." (Greenspan, 1996, Speech) Towards the end of the year, the economy showed signs of slowing. Fearing a prolonged slowdown or even a recession in the economy, and with inflationary expectations waning, Chairman Greenspan and the Federal Reserve cut rates again in December. (Greenspan, 1996, Speech) There are, of course, critics of 1995's .....

The Fed And Interest Rates
Number of words: 1144 - Number of pages: 5

.... can stabilize if they are increasing too rapidly. The Fed does this by selling securities on the open market. This, in turn, reduces bank's reserves and forces the interest rate to rise so the banks can afford to make loans. People seeing these rises in rates will tend to sell their low interest assets, in order to acquire additional money, they tend move toward higher yielding accounts, also further increasing the rate. Soon this small change by the Fed affects all aspects of business, from the price level to interest rates on credit cards. Rises and .....

Economic Espionage
Number of words: 4315 - Number of pages: 16

.... for specialized software used by the Canadian Armed forces. The above are all true examples of the modern threat facing international business today known as industrial or economic espionage. The end of the cold and economic pressures have increased the risk of economic espionage. The collapse of the Soviet Union has left unemployed KGB and other former communist bloc intelligence agents selling everything from Russian night vision devices to completely assembled and functional bugging devices. Even friendly western European governments have been caugh .....

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