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Work Satisfaction
Number of words: 853 - Number of pages: 4

.... quality of work life is one of the most important trends in personnel management in the 1980's. More and more personnel managers are reporting to the president of an organization rather than a vice-president. (Mathis and Jackson, 1985) Organizations should endeavor to achieve a working environment conducive to job satisfaction. Why? Because employees who get satisfaction from the work they do tend to do quality work consistently, which benefits the organization. At the same time, the individual owes it to him/herself to seek work that is most fulfilling to .....

How To Become The Owner Of A Small Business
Number of words: 499 - Number of pages: 2

.... profit? The best to go about is to read and study your surroundings for what's needed and not around. It is wise to search the market. Some key to remember may be How large is industry your thinking of going into? Where is the market for the company and the size? What are the size and distrubution of income within the population? Is the sales volume for this kind of business growing, maintaining stable or falling? What are the number and size for competitors? What is the success rate and the technical aspects of the industry? You have more options than jus .....

Web Advertising – Is It Really Worth It?
Number of words: 1253 - Number of pages: 5

.... service or product. Interactivity has three core characteristics: I. Offers much more information than a television advertisement. II. Requires the conventional copywriting skills combined with those of the direct marketer to turn the browsing viewers into sales prospects. III. The emphasis, simply due the nature of the medium, is more likely to be on sales promotion type tools to entice the viewers to visit an ad and from then on constantly refreshing the content and creative treatment, to ensure that they revisit it (Steyn, 1996) The introduction of intera .....

McDonald’s Americanizing Europe
Number of words: 2787 - Number of pages: 11

.... Europe, also helped to preserve the distinctive European culture. The emergence of consumerism in postwar Europe coincided with a substantial growth in personal and disposable income. In France, for example, wages rose more rapidly than the cost of living during the 1950s, leading to a sharp increase in purchase power (Bédarida 108). Consumption was additionally stimulated by an expansion of credit and by people’s willingness to go into debt to buy what they wanted. Similar developments occurred in Britain, Italy, and especially West Germany (11). As a result .....

Lucent Technologies
Number of words: 624 - Number of pages: 3

.... chairman and chief executive officer positions at Cummings Engine Company, INC.7 Lucent Technologies' President and chief operating officer is Richard A. McGinn. McGinn joined AT&T in 1978. He has previously served as executive vice president and chief executive officer of AT&T's network group. From 1994 to 1996, McGinn served on the AT&T management executive committee.8 BUSINESS STRUCTURE Lucent Technologies is composed of four operating units. These four units are: Business Communication Systems, Consumer Products, Microelectronics Group, and Network Sys .....

Economic Theories Of Harsanyi, Nash, Selten, Fogel, And North
Number of words: 1404 - Number of pages: 6

.... shared the award, and the $930,000 cash award for their achievements in economics." The trios accomplishment portrayed the significance of Von Neumann and Morgenstern's contribution to game theory, which was recognized by economists and others almost immediately. The lessons they drew from homely games like chess and poker had exemplified universal application to economic situations in which the participants had the power to anticipate and affect other participants' actions. Harsanyi stated "it is a theory of strategic interactions...of rational behav .....

Why Sign Up For Enterprise And Innovation
Number of words: 466 - Number of pages: 2

.... My major goal is to comprehend an edge and understanding in searching for a job and/or running a successful business. This goal also branches off into many smaller goals or steps. One of these steps is to gain experience by taking this course. The experience I will gain is about running a business and by getting knowledge of our economy to help get a job and help keep or get a job promotion . Another step is to seize more experience in interacting with people in a business. This experience will help extremely at giving better knowledge of how a business runs by i .....

The Great Depression And The "New Deal"
Number of words: 305 - Number of pages: 2

.... work, and why they felt such a dramatic change in the role of the government was needed. For the answer we must turn to an economist by the name of John Maynard Keynes. He developed an economic theory that said that the forces of supply and demand operated to slowly in a serious recession, and the federal government should step in and help stimulate the economy. This theory became known as Keynesian Economics. In terms of the Great Depression the economy was at a serious imbalance because the public sector was saving more than usual and the business sector w .....

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