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Term Papers on Computers

Computer Systems Analyst
Number of words: 1366 - Number of pages: 5

.... myself to all topics of word processing to surfing the web. After reviewing a number of resources, I have noticed a relatively high demand for technologically integrated hardware and software positions available with companies that wish to compete with the demand for “networking”. (“Computer Scientists” 95) This leads me to believe that future employment prospects will be high and of high quality pay within the next eight to ten years. The past, present, and future have and will see the computer. Since I have seen the computer, I have enjoyed the challenges .....

Telecomuting And Us
Number of words: 1088 - Number of pages: 4

.... is defined as spending at least one day out of a five day work week working in the home. Is one day home enough for the employee? Or, too little? How does the employer decide how many days to allow? Does the employee's job lend itself well to telecommuting? Some jobs, obviously, can't be accomplished using a telecommuting format. Does the employee have a good track record for working unsupervised? This relates back to readiness levels. An employee who isn't performing at a high readiness level should not even be considered as a candidate for telecomm .....

Society And Technology
Number of words: 373 - Number of pages: 2

.... as many wars as we did in the past, but now the new technology used in them helps bring about more casualties. Could this be crueler than our ancestors. Besides the wars, society has not grown in understanding other people. There is still prejudice today. Many hate groups like the KKK are still around today, and many new ones have come into being. In the past when our country was just starting to be formed, there were prejudices just because people were different. Over 100 years later, people haven't changed much, and there is still prejudice, making one .....

Morality And Ethics And Computers
Number of words: 1652 - Number of pages: 7

.... that's not using computers."1 This makes these questions all the more important for today's society to answer. There are also many moral and ethical problems dealing with the use of computers in the medical field. In one particular case, a technician trusted what he thought a computer was telling him, and administered a deadly dose of radiation to a hospital patient.2 In cases like these, it is difficult to decide who's fault it is. It could have been the computer programmer's fault, but Goodman asks, "How much responsibility can you place on a machin .....

The Future Of Computer Crime In America
Number of words: 916 - Number of pages: 4

.... Piled on top of that many times the individuals accessing these information sources are doing so by illegal means and are often motivated by deviant and illegal means. It is said that at any given time the average American has his name on an active file in over 550 computer information databases of which nearly 90% are online, and of the 550 databases the number comes no where close to how many time your personal information is listed in some database in an unactive file. The "Average American" could simply sit in his/her home doing nearly nothing all day long an .....

Computer Communications
Number of words: 950 - Number of pages: 4

.... popping up on business cards. Those otherwise-incomprehensible computer magazines that my dad brought home from work ran monthly stories on communications-program this, and Internet-system that. Cleveland Freenet's Freeport software began appearing on systems all over the world, in places as far away as Finland and Germany - with free telnet access! I didn't live life as a normal twelve-year-old kid that summer. I sat in front of the monitor twenty-four hours a day, eating my meals from a plate set next to the keyboard, stopping only to sleep. When .....

Computer Fraud And Crimes
Number of words: 993 - Number of pages: 4

.... administrator should be able to tell by the amounts of memory being used and the file usage if something is going on that should not be. If a virus is found, system administrators can pinpoint the user who put the virus into the network and investigate whether or not there was any malice intended. One computer application that is becoming more widely used and, therefore, more widely abused, is the use of electronic mail or email. In the present day, illegal hackers can read email going through a server fairly easily. Email consists of not only personal transa .....

Books And Technology Is The Future Of Printed Books In Jeopa
Number of words: 1460 - Number of pages: 6

.... certain tasks. Our minds are not going to grow if we depend on a machine to think for us. Yes, there is a plethora of information available to us on the Internet, but is anyone applying it to everyday life? Maybe so, but there is nothing like researching your interests through your own motivation. It is not hard to go to the library and read through books to gather information. The many people who read for leisure probably cannot imagine reading their favorite novel on the computer. One of the joys of reading is that you can be anywhere and still "lo .....

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