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Term Papers on Computers

Virtual Reality - What It Is And How It Works
Number of words: 752 - Number of pages: 3

.... applications for medical, space, physical, chemical, and entertainment uses among other things. In order to create this alternate reality, however, you need to find ways to create the illusion of reality with a piece of machinery known as the computer. This is done with several computer-user interfaces used to simulate the senses. Among these, are stereoscopic glasses to make the simulated world look real, a 3D auditory display to give depth to sound, sensor lined gloves to simulate tactile feedback, and head-trackers to follow the orientation of the head. Sinc .....

The Future Of The Internet
Number of words: 457 - Number of pages: 2

.... with this rapid growth will help keep computers up to date with what is being developed on the internet. With these technological advances, systems will be faster, more powerful, and capable of doing more complicated tasks. As more people with different interests, thoughts, and ideas get involved with the internet, there will be more information available (Elmer-Dewitt 64). As the number of internet users increases, the prices will gradually decrease on internet software and organizations (Peterson 358). The best quality about the size of the internet is i .....

Implementing A CAD System TO Reduce Costs
Number of words: 1503 - Number of pages: 6

.... thus helping provide a paper less environment. Another improvement as a result of CAD would be that of achieving much tighter tolerances in building new products. Using a CAD system, part designs could be received in an electronic format such as a math model. These models are currently in use by customers such as GM, BMW and Mercedes. The effect of having math models of all new products would enable a quicker turnaround in both quoting and production of products. CAD Vendors & Hardware Suppliers: Upon observing the various systems used by several customers an .....

History Of The Internet
Number of words: 4930 - Number of pages: 18

.... certain group's willingness to take advantage of the Internet. This would lead to need for regulation in what is acceptable content on the Internet, and how the first amendment has blocked many policy attempts trying to regulate the technology. We can point to the fact that emergence of any new technology is always the contribution of several intertwined social factors over a period of many years. The Internet as we know it today is no exception. We can show that the beginnings of the Internet started in the 1940's and took over in the 50's to be shaped in .....

Technology Of The Twenty First Century
Number of words: 591 - Number of pages: 3

.... money also. Before long everyone will have a computer at home. The Internet is a big part of our lives today. It is being used everywhere and every way. The Internet was first originally used in 1969 for military purposes but look around today almost every home that has a computer has the Internet. The Internet has came a long way. Everyone has the Internet or has some access to the Internet some how. It serves for many purposes one being for business. Another may be just for enjoyment. The Internet allows people to communicate together at high speeds with their .....

Bulletproof Vests
Number of words: 366 - Number of pages: 2

.... carbide. However, the discovery that numerous layers of nylon fabric could dissipate the energy of the bullet revolutionized the use of modern body armor. The function of steel or hard plastic armor is to be impervious to a bullet. The function of ceramic armor is to slow the bullet abruptly by the hardness of the ceramic and to dissipate the bullet's energy as it destroys the armor at the point of impact; the tiles or plates of ceramic bulletproof vest thus have to be replaced once they have stopped a bullet. The textile vest deforms the bullet and .....

The Utilities Confront Y2K
Number of words: 1524 - Number of pages: 6

.... involved problem than that of the other utilities. Each of these utilities have a high dependency on devices that have a high probability for not being Y2K compliant. These devices very nearlyd waste) are very much affected by Y2K. Problemed areas are found throughout the water infrastructure. Most obviously water utilities' computer systems will be affected by Y2K unless compliance is fulfilled. If the computers fail, the main areas affected would include customer service, accounts payable and receivable, databases, and management systems. Problems of th .....

Computer Simulations
Number of words: 2260 - Number of pages: 9

.... associated hardware to support the training of unit commanders and their battle staffs from battalion through theater-level as well as to support training events in educational institutions. Designed and built using modern computer technology, modern software engineering techniques, and validated algorithms and databases, it will allow units world-wide to train using their organizational equipment. A key feature of the system will be its use of technology to minimize the total Army's overhead associated with supporting training. The system will be designed to mee .....

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