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Honesty And Reputation In Othe
Number of words: 1436 - Number of pages: 6

.... cheating on him. Nobody suspects that Iago is a deceitful man and would plot and plan to destroy Othello, Cassio and Desdemona in such a cunning way. Iago used his reputation, and the insecurities of Othello being a Moor, to allow him to manipulate Othello. Othello had a reputation of being a military man, and a courageous leader. “Valiant Othello, We must straight employ you...” “Here comes Brabantio and the valiant Moor.” Othello has been a soldier since he was seven years of age, and has experience on the battle field. Othello was chos .....

Thoreau's View Of Civil Disobedience
Number of words: 523 - Number of pages: 2

.... 3. The individual should stand against the State or government when he or she knows something to be morally unjust. A key point to understand is that morality is derived from the source of where we get our rights: God. The Trancendentalists believed that you could be one with God by tapping into nature and its oversoul (which ran through all of life and we could learn from it to better ourselves). While our government has committed wrongs in the past, it is the individuals job to correct those wrongs and the State needs to respect those individuals' rights. .....

Adventures On The Rapids
Number of words: 500 - Number of pages: 2

.... changed our lives forever. Less than two hours from now, we would know. I was assigned to a raft with my brother, my friend, and the river guide. The adults went in another. About an hour after we left, we made our first stop; an enormous rock midstream. We sat there for several minutes hopped back into the raft and we were on our way, rushing down the river, nearing towards the end. As we approached the last of the rapids, our guide asked if we wanted to surf up them. Surfing is basically paddling up a rapid. We practiced for several minutes, because you ha .....

Number of words: 767 - Number of pages: 3

.... She lied to me though when, at about the age of eight, I asked her what she'd done, and she said she'd worked in an office, done clerical work. Steedman then goes on to say how she had sought out and verified that this lie was true: . . .I talked to my grandmother and she, puzzled, told me that Edna had never worked in any office, had in fact been apprenticed to a dry-cleaning firm that did tailoring and mending. Steedman later on sought additional opportunities to reveal her mother's evasion of the truth. From the top of page 650: . . .Now I can feel .....

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Number of words: 502 - Number of pages: 2

.... being prepared, usually brings trouble. And now the STORM-BLAST came, and he Was tyrannous and strong; He struck with his o'ertaking wings, And chased us south along. With sloping masts and dipping prow, As who pursued with yell and blow Still treads the shadow of his foe, And forward bends his head, The ship drove fast, loud roared the b .....

Justice In Plato Vs. Justice I
Number of words: 599 - Number of pages: 3

.... goal of achieving harmony (justice according to Plato) requires many different factors. These factors (or pillars) upon which justice in Plato is constructed include but are not limited to education, interdependence of a communities sub-units, philosophy, the separation of public and private life, truth, as well as no movement. In Plato's Republic, justice is defined in many different ways, none of which seem to keep Socrates content. Cephalus insisted that justice was telling the truth and paying one's debts. Polemarchus, Cephalus' son, maintained that .....

A Good Man Is Hard To Find And Gorilla, My Love: Family And Traditions
Number of words: 522 - Number of pages: 2

.... her course of revenge. Hazel set a fire under the candy stand. This fire caused the theatre to be closed for a week. Hazel figures she was even with the manger now. Hazel’s father found out that it she who set the fire. She had to explain. Her explanation was as simple as the beliefs of a child. Hazel states that “if you say Gorilla, My Love, you suppose to mean it.” She expected to see a gorilla in the movie. She relays her reasoning to her father with examples of sticking to your word. If father says he is going to do something, the kids exp .....

"The Journey Through The Twelve Forests" And "The Bhagavad Gita": The Vaishnava Community
Number of words: 1145 - Number of pages: 5

.... Gita is more of a historical text that tells of mythological beliefs and views that the Hindu people had. On the other hand, “The Journey” tells of one mans real life experience of the pilgrimage known as the Ban-Yatra. It tells a slightly more true to life story that has been carried out since the 16th century. If one were to only read the Gita, they might assume it to be nothing more than a fairy tale passed down from many generations that told of a greater being, Vishnu, whose job was to “deliver the holy, destroy the sin of the sinner, and establish rig .....

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