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Imagery In Their Eyes Were Wat
Number of words: 511 - Number of pages: 2

.... summarized the life of Man; he is symbolically yearning for his ship to come in with the tide, but only the lucky few attain this prize, while the rest are damned to forever watch, until death lets them stop. Another key symbol presented here is that of the horizon. Always far off in the distance, it represents Janie's desire to move forward. Unlike the others who are content to sit on their porches and watch the sun set, Janie wants to travel and see the world, and the horizon symbolizes the unknown land that lies beyond. Joe Starks is a selfish character, driv .....

Hamlet - A 1990s Adolescent
Number of words: 806 - Number of pages: 3

.... death of his father by still wearing black a year later, and the hasty marriage of his mother to Claudius. Compared to Horatio who is calm and cool throughout the play, and Fortinbras who collected an army to fight for his uncle’s land and honor, Hamlet’s maturity level for his time is low, especially for being a prince. Today Hamlet’s age group is more immature than during his own time so he relates to the youth of the 1990’s better than he does with the adolescents of his own time. Sarcasm, and blunt rudeness is ofte .....

Animal Farm 7
Number of words: 540 - Number of pages: 2

.... is very fitting. The second main comparison Orwell makes uses Boxer, the work horse, to represent the Russian working class. Laborious individuals and those who possess great physical strength are often said to be “as strong as a horse.” Boxer is both hardworking and extremely powerful. He was able to do as much work as all the other animals combined. He was also dedicated to his tasks. His motto, “I will work harder,” gave the rest of the farm inspiration to carry on. He worked himself to death for the well-being of others. Horses .....

Rude Strength
Number of words: 2199 - Number of pages: 8

.... from Walter Pater, who used it in 1873 in his volume of essays titled The Renaissance to describe the essential quality of art in the Middle Ages. A fairly ingenuous first-year doctoral student, I read Pater's description and recognized precisely that quality of the literature of the Middle Ages that I find so compelling. Soon enough, however, it became clear that "" was not something Pater meant as a compliment; he was giving a description of medieval artistic efforts I have since learned that many who champion the Renaissance are apt to give. What Pater was ide .....

In The Zoo: Caesar And The Bear
Number of words: 1548 - Number of pages: 6

.... to his polar bear correlation. These are a few examples of how animals are used throughout the novel to mold the reader's understanding of the human character they correspond to. One of the strongest illustrated characters in this story is Mrs. Placer, or "Gran" for short. The first description we hear of Gran comes from an unidentified person who glorifies her as a woman of "Christian goodness" (p. 1452). In this first paragraph the reader learns that Gran has had tough times herself in the loss of her husband and by single-handedly running a boarding hous .....

The Sniper Analysis
Number of words: 416 - Number of pages: 2

.... P.O.V as to give an idea of the setting, and as they waged their war the outside person could give unbiased information of which would have been limited if it were to be presented in a 1st person P.O.V. We wouldn’t have got an unbiased opinion of the two snipers, which defeats the purpose of the theme. How the setting was expressed is also a vital part for the development of the story. The opening paragraph gives a vivid description of the situation as would physically been seen. “The long June twilight faded into night. Dublin lay envel .....

Letters From The Samantha
Number of words: 1420 - Number of pages: 6

.... comforted by his pattern of obedience and thinks others must be as well: "Though my subordinates sometimes complain, they are grateful no doubt, for my firm rule and tidiness" (271). His ship is always on time or even ahead of schedule. The picture painted is of a steady, reliable, conservative man who always does the appropriate thing in a situation. However, a typhoon the ship sails through reveals a different, less predictable side. When describing the typhoon, Samson thinks, "I confess that I have wished to be completely taken up by such a t .....

Let The Circle Be Unbroken
Number of words: 756 - Number of pages: 3

.... if he could sign up all of the people in his area. Their goal is to get plantation workers 50 cents from sunup to sundown. It looked like Mr. Logan would go along with it until Mr. Wheeler blurts out that it would be a white and black union. Mr. Logan shows some resistance and never really lets Mr. Wheeler know if he would do it or not. This turning point is important because later on in the book the Logans go to a meeting about the union. After that, the night men ambush the next meeting (Logans donít attend). Dube, who was at the meeting, comes knocking on .....

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