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What Was It Like To Live In Rome?
Number of words: 501 - Number of pages: 2

.... and by tomorrow "that will have dwindled still more" (Beatty, p. 222). He is implying that vice is rewarded as a result of social outrages while the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. According to Juvenal, "men do not easily rise whose poverty hinders their merit" (Beatty, p. 225). Juvenal goes on to depict the physical dangers that exist in the city. According to him, people are always afraid of dangers such as fires, collapses of buildings, noisy and overcrowded streets, and nighttime attacks on the street. He describes the dangers as "the th .....

Mount Ruapehu
Number of words: 2060 - Number of pages: 8

.... melted snow or ice and heavy rainfall), pyroclastic flows - collapse of eruption column causes a hot concentrated flow of debris and gas, and Ash fall - fine volcanic particles held in suspension. Other hazards include the remobilisation of ash, volcanic tremors and avalanches. A future eruption would effect population, buildings, transport, water supply, livestock and crops. In the event of an eruption many of the surrounding villages (especially in the valleys) would have to be evacuated. LOCATION: Mt. Ruapehu is situated in North Island, New Zealand (Fig.1 .....

Number of words: 649 - Number of pages: 3

.... Aryans settled in India, their society was organized around four varnas or orders. Brahmans (priests) were the highest varna. The second varna consisted of the Kshatriyas or warriors, rulers and administrators. The third varna consisted of the Vaishya or merchants. The Shudras belonged to the lowest varna. During classic period, hundreds of sub-varnas, jatis, developed. Membership in a caste was determined by birth and Hindus were not allowed to marry members of other castes. The village was governed by its headman and a council. Both were memb .....

The Lowell Observatory
Number of words: 730 - Number of pages: 3

.... Tourist City of Flagstaff; the observatory looks over the city. You are guided through a tour and experiments, and also are allowed to use the telescopes they have located on Mars Hill. There are a total of nine telescopes, eight which are at the observatory, of these many of them are historic, such as the 24" Clark Refractor that is 102 years old. The Pluto telescope dome and John Vickers McAllister telescope dome, which is 16" long, are also telescopes you would find at Lowell Observatory. The most modern telescope they have there is the Anderson .....

The Namib Desert
Number of words: 369 - Number of pages: 2

.... river itself. Acacia trees grow along the rivers, and short grasses and succulents thrive everywhere. One of the most important animals of the area is the baboon. The baboons excavate for underground water that many other animals depend on. There are many other animals that have adapted to live in the Namib desert farther away from the rivers and streams including 45 species of lizards and more than 200 species of beetles. The nocturnal gecko, like many other animals, burrows in the sand to escape the days heat, 77 deg C (170 deg F). The palmado gecko .....

Egypt : The People
Number of words: 1024 - Number of pages: 4

.... cow, or ox that helps him with the heavy farm work. The water buffalo or ox draws the plow, turns the waterwheel, and pulls the nowraj. The nowraj is a wooden platform mounted on four or five iron disks. The sharpened edges of the disks crush the stalks of wheat so that the grain can be separated from the chaff. The water buffalo or cow also supplies the fellah's family with milk and with calves that can be sold. Very often the fellah shares his house with his animals. This is unsanitary, but it is the farmer's preferred way of protecting them. The the .....

Number of words: 719 - Number of pages: 3

.... among the best in the world. Some can go jet skiing and let the fresh, clean, wet air brush their body as they ride through the waves. Some can go snorkeling or others can go on jungle tours with tour guides that take small groups on a fun adventure around the ocean that they will never forget. If one enjoys adventure and a little danger, they can surf through the waves. “Most hotel beaches have lifeguards, but as with all ocean swimming, use common sense--even the calmest-looking waters can have currents and riptides” (Orbit Travel.) Those who prefer the .....

Canada - Of The United States Of America
Number of words: 2713 - Number of pages: 10

.... and the final payment for our country, free trade. All in all we have our own government, our own flag, our own anthem; but are we really Canadian or a not quite United State of America? In Canada, strong government involvement plays an immense role in determining the destiny of its people for the good of the society. In Canada you are reminded of the government every day. It parades before you. It is not content to be the servant, but will be the master... Henry David Thoreau, 18861 Although slightly outdated, as of 1982 47.3 percent of Canada's .....

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