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Term Papers on Geography

Central America
Number of words: 1356 - Number of pages: 5

.... is including a large proportion of the population. One measure of poverty is the earning power of an individual. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is a measure of income is around $12,000 in the United States. In Central America on the other hand, the wealthiest Country, Costa Rica, came in at just under $2000. Distortion plays a role on the $2000 also, due to the fact the the elite-rich have an enormous concentration of wealth and land ownership, the real GDP of the poorer half of the population is around $200-$400 a year (Pg 10, Booth and Walker). A .....

Number of words: 337 - Number of pages: 2

.... domestic profit and employs about 5% of it's workers(Bernard Reich, The World Book Encyclopedia). It use to employ a much larger percentage of the workers. Most of the work is now done by machines. Agriculture exports provide income to pay for any necessary food import! s. Mining is not very important in . The Dead Sea, the world's saltiest body of water, is 's leading mineral source. Compounds drawn from the sea yield bromine, magnesium, potash, and table salt. Phosphates, copper, clay, and gypsum are mined in the Negev Desert. Energy resources is a resour .....

Number of words: 440 - Number of pages: 2

.... the world. As a result, Israel is often put under a figurative microscope and each and every thing she does is analyzed. For many years people only said the nicest things about Israel, but that has changed, recently. Many people think that one of the reasons for this change is because of the power the Arabs have as a result of their oil and money. Since 1948 Israel has had to deal with regular wars waged by its Arab neighbors, with one of the highest taxation systems in the world and with double digit inflation every year. There is a division among .....

The Town Of Cheltenham
Number of words: 1164 - Number of pages: 5

.... in larger urban centers to the south. Therefore the economy of Cheltenham would rise. The Credit River produce lots of Hydro electric power for the people of Cheltenham. The two main reasons why the site was chosen for a town was the transportation produced by the C.N.R. and the hydro electric produced from the Credit River. Part B ------ The land use at the mill pond area between 1850-1870 in Cheltenham was mostly industrial uses. Most of the industries or buildings were located very c .....

Evaluation Of Baja Seasons Resort
Number of words: 1763 - Number of pages: 7

.... California can easily access this resort with a quick and beautiful two and a half-hour drive. About an hour away from the border separating Mexico from San Diego, California, this resort is easy to find just by going down the main highway in Baja California. The beautiful drive along the coast of Mexico just makes the drive go even faster. The Baja Seasons Resort is between two of Baja's major cities, Ensinada and Rosarito. Both cities are about a half-hour away from the resort. Families are urged to visit this vacation spot in Mexico because of what .....

The Town Of El Dorado Springs
Number of words: 5554 - Number of pages: 21

.... in 1962 by Paul Kemp titled The Wonder City. Interestingly, Kemp started the book with a statement that really piqued my curiosity. "Indians who once roamed the area had known that the spring had medicinal qualitites, but, with characteristic reticence and secretiveness, they did not reveal this fact to the white man. They held the secret in their hearts as they gave ground and moved westward from the surging horde of white immigrants . . . " (1). To my mind, this sounded like a fallacy; how did they know the Indians knew if they never told anyone? .....

Modern Japan Since 1945
Number of words: 352 - Number of pages: 2

.... up 6.7 percent a year. In 1990 Japan signed the Structural Impediments Initiative. The Structural Impediments Initiative helps the Japan foreign trade goes a lot easier. In mid 1990 Japan was rank third for domestic product and weren’t far away to get second place. Japan was exporting passenger car, petroleum, iron and steel, electronic equipment, coal, pulp and natural gas. Petroleum is 35 per cent worth out of all exporting stuff. Japan gets 5 billion worth of cash from exporting and importing. Late 1990 the role of heavy industry grows in importance for the .....

Number of words: 889 - Number of pages: 4

.... the Berber chief Massinissa, during the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. Massinissa ruled his kingdom of Numidia from 202 – 148 BC. His dynasty lasted until 106 BC, when his grandson Jurgatha became a Roman client. As part of the Roman Empire Numidia flourished, with successfully building a road system as well as a series of Roman garrisons which became small Roman cities. The coastal region was held by the Romans and the Vandals until the Arab invasion in the 7th century AD. The Arab people controlled the coastal area and introduced Islam to the Algie .....

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