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Violence On Television
Number of words: 1783 - Number of pages: 7

.... is the most violent time on T.V." (Methvin, 49), and that "despite slight variations over the past decade, the amount of violence on television has remained at consistently high levels" (Wurtzel, 23)? Why is it that, like the tobacco companies twenty years ago, the present day television broadcasting companies refuse to consent that violent films and programming can and do have harmful effects on their viewers (Rowland, 280) What can be done to combat the stubborn minded broadcasting companies and to reduce the amount of violent scenes that infest the cur .....

Importance Of Womens Suffrage On Home And Life
Number of words: 588 - Number of pages: 3

.... and the other articles in our section, how their struggle for freedom effected the home lifes, the attitudes and the fashion of the roaring 20's. For example the new stlye of bright clothing was a sign that the women wanted to get away from the old way of life....hint the flappers and the new brand of music called jazz. Then the first Women's Rights Convention was held on July 19 and 20 in 1848. The convention went along as planned taking over two-days of just discussion, they want to get 12 resolutions agreement on and endorsement, one by one, with a f .....

Family Unity And Moral Values
Number of words: 1222 - Number of pages: 5

.... what we believe about the family. It's concerned with quality of living and how you define quality of living. It basically gets down to what you think is the most important, in other words what you value. "Family values is nice when you've got Ward and June and Wally and Beaver. Unfortunately, the world has changed quite a bit from the 1950s to 1996. Things have just changed so rapidly and so quick…" (Anderson) The honesty, setting examples with your morals and actions, and bringing up the people to be responsible. Responsible for themselves, resp .....

Unique Cultures Of The World
Number of words: 1608 - Number of pages: 6

.... Shansi, and Shensi provinces. Wheat, millet, sorghum, peanuts, corn, and soybeans are the main crops of the region. Chinese leaf, cucumber, and celery are the main vegetables of the region. Noodles, steamed breads and buns are more popular than rice, unlike in southern China. Mongol cuisine has influenced Peking greatly. This is made obvious in the way that this region’s people use mutton and lamb more than in other regions. Without a doubt, the one dish that has escaped from Peking’s borders and captured the imagination of people through out the world i .....

Child Abuse
Number of words: 1658 - Number of pages: 7

.... face for his first day at a new school. I immediately reported the incident to my chain of command, wrote up my observations, then had to wait patiently to see what would happen. The result - nothing. Child Protective Services said the report was not submitted within 24 hours, so they couldn't do anything. We had another case that we reported just two weeks ago to Child Protective Services. Another five- year old was involved. The teacher noticed a bite mark on his cheek. She asked him what happened, and he responded "my dad bit me." The teacher asked him if his .....

What Is Stupidity?
Number of words: 337 - Number of pages: 2

.... or psychiatrist, the word stupid would be a little different. If your occupation were mentioned above, your interpretation might be simular to the dictionarys: “Stupidity: 1:Lack of intelligence; dullness. 2: a foolish act or idea.”. The word “Stupid” would used differently than most commoners. It would be used less than an insult but refer to something somewhat more in a serious manner. For example, saying that someone is stupid, would mean that they are mentally challenged or really act dumb. In, any case, the word “Stupid” refers to being dumb and being hal .....

Animosity In Children's Sports
Number of words: 1208 - Number of pages: 5

.... Likewise, coaches and players also have consequences for acting inappropriately. Coaches are subjected to game ejections or ineligibility to return as a coach the following year. Players hold the responsibility to behave appropriately also, and may face a game suspension and other penalties. Parents often claim immunity to these consequences, and with that privileged state of mind proceed to shred the rules of sportsmanship. People like this often make the game unpleasant for others. These overanxious parents take over the role of officiating the game, di .....

Why Are We Still Prejudice?
Number of words: 371 - Number of pages: 2

.... occurs as they imagine. Sometimes I hear an African American insisting on not being referred to as "Black" but in the same sentence accusing "Whites" of referring to them asa blacks. We "Whites" really don't think much of that statement because in all honesty we are not intimidated by these groups, and with good reason. There is no direct harm in this attitude that minority groups display in America, but in my opinion if we continue to let this train of thought continue there is no limit to how much special privileges these people will demand, and we will give .....

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