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Number of words: 1435 - Number of pages: 6

.... developing a gene in which calcium was obtained by the body to the bones in many ways. The species’ bone was clearly stronget and more solid than any other creature. The lungs where genetically alreed to increase capability of filtering out dangerious chemicals caused by pollution, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many others. The lungs’ ability to consume oxygen was enhaced, but was not fully capable of filtering all chemicals. The muscles and the body frame were much larger than those of humans. They believed that in order to survive this new .....

The Problem Of Evil
Number of words: 910 - Number of pages: 4

.... God is so good and so powerful than why does he let so much evil exist? I could understand a little bit of bad people and things to make the good stand out, but there is so much. All the time in the news you hear about someone being murdered, children being molested, a natural disaster striking a area and many people suffering and dying, etc... This also shows that God cannot be all-powerful if lets all this evil exist in the universe that he supposedly created. The second solution to the problem of evil states that God allows evil to exist in order to brin .....

Providing Jobs For The Disabled
Number of words: 770 - Number of pages: 3

.... cases will not hold back job productivity. Also remember that having a job, regardless of what it is, may often times be more valuable to the disabled, who may have had a hard time getting a job in the past. The satisfaction of having that job may be a motivating factor, and having motivated employees are what its all about. Another factor is they will be less likely to leave for another job (since it would be very difficult for them to find another one). Woolworth's hiring of these individuals not only help the workplace but also provides a paycheck for an .....

The Detrimental Effect Of An Education In A Foreign Language
Number of words: 894 - Number of pages: 4

.... of flaws such as unnecessary costs to the taxpayer, slower advancement in grade level, and the detrimental effect to education in California. The primary fault of the old system was that California taxpayers were not receiving fair representation. In general, most taxpayers were English speaking, and consequently wanted English to be the language that was used in their schools. Most of the immigrant parents were in California legally but not paying taxes. Even though they were not paying for services such as a police force or fire protection, they still fel .....

Number of words: 180 - Number of pages: 1

.... you cheat in school, you are just getting by, you aren't actually learning. Later in life, this can really hurt you. When you grow up and have a job, there will be no one to copy. None of the good employers will want you if you can't do good work -- and that means undesirable, dead-end, jobs like flipping burgers. Cheating is also dishonest and dishonorable to yourself and other people. It will cause you to lose your self respect and the respect of others. Cheaters never really win, they only fool themselves. For these reasons, I believe that cheating is a terrible thing to do. It may get y .....

Number of words: 1186 - Number of pages: 5

.... of civil disobedience against politically correct thought and speech. Essentially, covert racism is a "hidden" racism, or a racism not easily detected (Piazza 78). "Racism is still strongly prevalent in today's society" (Gudorf 3). The three different basic forms of racism, open racism, violent racism, and covert racism all express forms of hatred towards distinct ethnic groups (Bender 47). These basic forms of racism, although different in form, all have the same main purpose, to promote racism. Open racism expresses freedom of racial thought and s .....

Number of words: 3678 - Number of pages: 14

.... and the role of friendship in the good life. The paper will answer questions like what Aristotle meant by friendship, what kind of exists, and why we need friends. Throughout our life we get into different kinds of relationships. Some relationships we cannot choose like family ties. These are relationships we are born in, and we cannot break them anymore than we can stop breathing. Even denying their existence does not change the fact that your mother and father, brother and sister, are who they are. “ Other relationships are not forced upon us but we do .....

Love And Sacrifices
Number of words: 539 - Number of pages: 2

.... with other humans, interact, and share their ideas. The power of speech is what makes it all possible. Communication is the most important thing in the success of a relationship, and for someone to say that they love another is to respect them and their ideas and to want to share with them. The most anyone can ever do for you is listen, and the only way to do that is to communicate that you want to be listened to and that you are willing to listen to the one you love. That is the most anyone can do, and it is a gift of sorts. What is the greatest thing about .....

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