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The Scarlet Letter: The Theme Of Punishment
Number of words: 572 - Number of pages: 3

.... in the marital bonds of another couple. Although she does the job willingly and rarely ever looks back to the horrid past behind. The scarlet letter was constantly worn by Hester with pride and dignity. Hester knew that what was done in the past was wrong and that the scarlet A was the right thing to do, therefor it is worn with a sense of pride. The child, Pearl, is "a blessing and as a reminder of her sin." As if the scarlet A were not enough punishment there "was a brat of that hellish breed" which would remind Hester of what happened in the pas .....

Number of words: 1988 - Number of pages: 8

.... text books, but a better way to understand the feelings and thoughts of the struggling emigrants is to learn a story from an insider, who herself lived there and experienced first hand all the challenges and hardships of the emigrants' life. Anzia Yezierska's novel "Bread Givers" is a story that lets the reader to learn about the life of Jewish Emigrants in the early Twentieth Century on Manhattan's lower East Side through the eyes of a poor young Jewish woman who came from Poland and struggled to break out from poverty, from tyrant old traditions of her fat .....

Lord Of The Flies: Golding's Reality - Fact Or Fiction
Number of words: 1847 - Number of pages: 7

.... this time that Golding wrote Lord of the Flies, the title itself means true evil and destruction. Translated into Hebrew it is Beelzebub and it means devil. Lord of the Flies is a story of a group of boys from different backgrounds that become stranded on an isolated and uncharted island when their plane crashes. As the boys try to unite to try to become rescued they begin to separate and a tribe of savage hunters is formed. After a while the boys lose all sense of civilized behavior. This is when you realize that the boys have lost all manners and ci .....

Contrasting Marlow And Kurtz And The Theme Of Evil In "Heart Of Darkness"
Number of words: 2608 - Number of pages: 10

.... Conrad we see how Marlow's journey into his ultimate evil, into his inner self, can be a positive experience. By contrasting Marlow with Kurtz, who represents the absolute evil, we can see the two products of an inner evil which has emerged. Marlow, who defeats his evil, and gains self-knowledge, and Kurtz, who is defeated by his darkness and falls prey to its wrath. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies the author points out how easily people can be over taken by the darkness, how the potential for good can be destroyed by the evil, but ideally how good will .....

Frankenstein: Morality
Number of words: 773 - Number of pages: 3

.... Victor upon looking back at his work. If there is another monster there will be twice the power and possibly twice the evil, which could hurt or kill his family. When and if Frankenstein commits the moral sin of creating another monster he may be rid of both monsters forever. "With the companion you bestow I will quit the neighbourhood of man,"(pg 142) promises the morally corrupt monster to the doctor upon the completion of his partner. When the doctor, if and when he, finished his first creation's mate there is a chance that the monsters will not keep their pro .....

Bhagavad-Gita: Relationship Between Arjuna And Krishna
Number of words: 1168 - Number of pages: 5

.... sacrifice to develop relationships with gods). Its evolution was completed sometime around the fourth century CE, although the actual transformation is largely unknown to us. It was also influenced by the Dravidian cultures of the South, which emphasized “intense devotion to the deity” (Bulliet et al. 198). This shaping of Hinduism occurred in response to changing political and religious conditions in India, including the emergence of Buddhism and the unification of its northern territory under the singular rule of the Guptas. The Bhagavad-Gita, regarded as .....

"Fighting On Two Fronts": Henry Fleming In Red Badge Of Courage
Number of words: 587 - Number of pages: 3

.... and young boys admired them when they stopped for rest. This warm feeling faded when they reached the camp. Here life was boring for Henry. The only thing his company did was drill day in and day out. All of the experienced soldiers told war stories every night by the campfire. Henry could only listen because he was still 'wet behind the ears'. He felt left out and often sat alone wondering about battle. War was like an illusion to him. He couldn't imagine people slaughtering each other. "Aren't we too civilized to massacre ourselves?" he often wondere .....

Macbeth - Symbolism And Imager
Number of words: 1367 - Number of pages: 5

.... confusion to tyrannical insanity. The fluidity of his own psyche is reflected in the fluidity with which the characters around him take up dynamics that reflect his inner fears and worries. Macbeth's relationship to the witches in Act 1 Scene 3 and his wife in Act 1 Scene 7 especially resonate with his inner psychic state. Both relations reveal important currents of Macbeth's diseased mind. The witches in Act 1 Scene 3 create a dynamic which flatters Macbeth in an attempt to convince him to kill Duncan. They flatter him in two ways. First, the witches greet .....

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