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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Creative Writing: The Dream
Number of words: 1167 - Number of pages: 5

.... at his dad because he really wanted to go. So instead of waiting a few days until the weather got better he decided he would take the boat out by himself. He told his dad that he was going to his friend Justin's house, but instead he took the boat keys and went to their boat. His dad let him drive it all the time, so he figured it would be a breeze. He got on the boat and sat down to rest for a little while. He shut his eyes and fell asleep. Within minutes he was driving the boat. He drove for about 15 minutes and then stopped and started fishing. He p .....

Personal Writing: My Uncle
Number of words: 295 - Number of pages: 2

.... keeping up on his garden.The day he died was a day in which he would of usually spent relaxing, fishing, and drifting of in to his own world, but on this day he drifted away into a new place which he had never been. My uncle's time had come and gone and he was now adventuring into new places that hopefully would be as good to him as life was. I felt deeply sorried for everyone who had none him and his life. He was always a person who was willing to help someone in a time of need, and someone who would always be there if needed. He would also be deeply missed by his wife which souly depended on him for .....

A Christmas Memory: Truman Capote
Number of words: 1027 - Number of pages: 4

.... The secret fund is hidden in an old beaded purse under a loose board in the floor. They never remove the purse from under Sook's bed unless making a deposit or a ten-cent withdrawal on Saturdays. She allots Buddy ten cents to go to the picture show each Saturday. Sook has never visited one before, but asks Buddy to go instead to come back and tell she the stories of the picture show. After dinner, Sook and Buddy retire to a room in a faraway part of the house where her sleep's at night, to count their treasure. When finished counting, Buddy declares t .....

Nowhere, Kansas
Number of words: 694 - Number of pages: 3

.... and a thin mustache walked by us, as to get our attention. This skinny man with his apron tied around his small waste started to bustle around picking up a few boxes, “Sorry about the mess,” he replied, in a strong southern accent “just a few days ago we met head on with a twister.” I looked at my cousin with a slight smirk on my face. I knew we were thinking the same thing, “that was rather ironic.” I turned to the worker and replied, “it was no inconvenience to us.” We continued to walk into the store and found that there was another part to the building that w .....

Personal Writing: Fortunate To Be In America
Number of words: 465 - Number of pages: 2

.... my father and mother expected success to land in the palm of their hands. Unfortunately, it did not. Without a formal education and the ability to speak English, it was impossible for them to exploit the opportunities that were presented. I, being the youngest in my family, watched as both my older brothers began working right out of high school. Thus, they also have yet to utilize the endless resources that an education has to offer. As I reflect on the past and examine the present, I focus more on my future. Seeing first hand the tribulations my fami .....

Creative Writing: Tamia
Number of words: 1228 - Number of pages: 5

.... Kaid, at that time, was an emerging culture from the sandy banks of the River Namm. Because Kaid lies in a veritable desert wasteland, the Kaidites were protected from enemy attack, until one day they burst forth in a conquering fury, and none in their path could withstand them. The Kaidites brought with them their strange customs and gods. The supreme Tamian god, Niord, god of light and fury, was replaced with the warlike Helk. Ahrimal the forked-tongue had a temple right against the wall of the Palace itself. Tamian gods, save for Niord, were tolerated, .....

Personal Writing: My Dog Oso
Number of words: 660 - Number of pages: 3

.... is the first day of my life I truly remember. I was playing about our yard when my older brother Jake slowly walked up to me. He had been supplied with money, and then instructed by my mother to take me to the corner store to buy candy and ice cream. At that time I was delighted, as the trip to the corner store was an epic journey, which I had never taken on foot, only by car. I did not notice or care that Jake, normally tyrannical, dictatorial, and abusive, was being unusually nice to me that day Well, after the saga of the corner store ended, I was seated .....

My Friend T.W.
Number of words: 895 - Number of pages: 4

.... I don’t mean it literally. What I really mean is that if I had a dollar for every freckle on his body it would be palm trees and coconuts from here on out. Red headed is just a polite way of saying, are you sure your not Irish? Nevertheless, he has always been and still is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. This is the type of kid who made A’s in every class and couldn’t wait to get home and do his homework. (The one area we differ in.) As for his character, I again have met very few people in this lifetime that values this trait as much my .....

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