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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Personal Writing: Exchange Student In Japan
Number of words: 2337 - Number of pages: 9

.... up, not being able to wait to board. We needed to travel to Detroit to get our connection flight to Osaka, Kansai International Airport. As soon as the plane took off it landed. Detroit was a very quick flight, only about an hour. Being a little nervous about not having enough time to make our flight I urged everyone to hurry along and to try and walk fast so that we could make our connection. Little did I know to my surprise after literally storming through the airport, the flight was delayed. Well that was okay, because we had three hours to do whatever we w .....

Creative Writing: Sir. Baldric And The Evil Threshmit
Number of words: 817 - Number of pages: 3

.... down the scatheful beast. The reaction to his request was pathetic, not a man stood. It seemed as though King Lenson's valiant knights were nothing more than a flock of recreants. At last Sir. Baldric stepped forward, he had risen to the occasion, proving true to his troth. He was truly a stalwart knight. Early the next morning Baldric awakened, in preparation for his endeavor. He dressed himself with care, methodically arranging his raiment. As he pulled his hauberk over his head, and sweeping shoulders the lady of the castle mad her way gently into the r .....

Creative Story: Father's Handicap
Number of words: 538 - Number of pages: 2

.... of that rather quickly. So, I deiced to get some much needed rest. The next morning I got up at eight o'clock because my dog Barney had to go outside. I knew he had to go outside because he started to cry. So, I let him out. Then I went to see if my mom or dad had made me breakfast. I looked and found nothing had been cooked for me. Which was really odd because every Saturday and Sunday morning they had made me breakfast since I could remember. My sister Amy was watching television. So, I asked her where mom and dad were. She said, "Dad had hurt .....

Interview With A UFO
Number of words: 434 - Number of pages: 2

.... that poor ol' cow up to their hunk of metal spacecraft. I told `em they better put her back or I was gonna call the UFO sightings hotline on them like I did on all of their friends. I said " I know about all of your tests you run on them poor animals like Bessie cause I've been watchin' the X-Files on my big 10 inch black and white TV." Then they started gibbering back and forth again and I'll be dang if they didn't zap my old John Deere up on that ship too. That's when I got really mad. I think they understood English too cause when I told em what I thought of .....

My Friend's Battle With Anorexia
Number of words: 1202 - Number of pages: 5

.... something that she was preoccupied with. Instead, she would entertain us with dramatized stories about her latest fight with her on again off again boyfriend. She was always the center of attention, and made no effort to ever hide her emotions or problems. Overall, Laura had a great personality and always knew how to cheer any one of us up. All of this began to change after our best friend Lauren confessed that she had an eating disorder. This news surprised us all. Lauren was really skinny, but so was her entire family. She always ate a lot, so we neve .....

The Monkey's Paw
Number of words: 371 - Number of pages: 2

.... wishes left," said Mrs. White. "Maybe, just maybe I can squeeze out just one more wish to save us," said Mr. White. He held the monkeys paw high in the air and said, "I wish I never pulled this wretched monkeys paw out of the fire". But nothing happened, all was silent. "We can't make it go away" said Mrs. White. They both fell to the floor with tortured hearts. "I cant live with a son like that, we must find a way to put an end to this," said Mr. White. Herbert began his way down the stairs. As he neared the end of the steps Mr. White picked up a gun and shot .....

The "Around The World" Party At College
Number of words: 1216 - Number of pages: 5

.... my way through the crowd to look for the keg I immediately knew it was in the corner because of the crowd surrounding it. Once I reached the keg, I found myself waiting once again for my beer. The person who was filling up the cups was not filling them first come first serve. He would fill the cups of his friends first, then the girls, and then if he had to fill up his own cup he would. While doing this he was talking his friend whose job it was to pump the keg when needed. People were sticking their cups in front of the tap as if they were fighting for foo .....

Creative Story: Kid In Closet
Number of words: 1163 - Number of pages: 5

.... kid in the closet. The kid in the closet story scared Wolfgang so much he wouldn't dare get near one. The night had fallen and the dealers came out just after dusk, so Wolfgang moved his toys from the corner and walked up the apartment stairs. As his little twelve year old legs climbed the steps, he had to pass the bums that lay cold on the steps with their bottles of liquor. Once to the top of the staircase he passed a late dealer, and headed toward his home. As Wolfgang reached to the door it swung open nearly swiping off his arm. "What the hell do you th .....

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