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Term Papers on Creative Writing

My Personal Belief
Number of words: 439 - Number of pages: 2

.... me such things as loyalty, understanding, honesty, patients, values, and morals. These things assist me in leading a more fulfilling lifestyle, as well as making other people's lives better. I also believe in Christianity because I feel that everyone continues their existence beyond this worldly life. I believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell, and everyone will go to one of the two when they die. I believe that if you choose to accept God as your savior then you will live a life of eternal happiness in Heaven. But if you choose to live a life of wor .....

The Written Word Lives On
Number of words: 567 - Number of pages: 3

.... of a Hawaiian vacation. Calling reading just a hobby then does it injustice. Adventure fits it more appropriately. Books sweep me into the depths of imagination and let me share another persons dream while helping me see mine. Piers Anthony taking me through his spellbinding Juxtaposition opened my mind and revealed his dreams. I have held my grip on the exhilaration that brought me. I never feel as complete as when I visit another book. The ceaseless joy bonding my mind with another realm leads straight into addiction. Finishing a good story is ak .....

Personal Writing: My Life
Number of words: 475 - Number of pages: 2

.... accessible there. But once I came here, I immediately fell in love with web surfing and online chatting. I love flirting with guys, however I understand the importance of studying so I tend to have little time for that. Therefore, I gave them a Chinese riddle. I said I would talk to anyone who could answer it. The riddle is: What can walk without legs, eat without a mouth, pass through a river that has no water, and die without a soul? The answer is Chinese chess. The next day I got an email from someone who got the correct answers. She also said “Making fr .....

Creative Writing: Friends Till The Very End
Number of words: 1329 - Number of pages: 5

.... fingers, his eyes followed the ripples that glided on and off the grey beach where he stood, then rose almost by habit to gaze once more at the Arizona Memorial stretching white and graceful, remembering painfully that this would be the last time that he would ever walk along this beautiful beach. As his eyes watched the waves, and how they caressed the muddy shoreline, he began to think of the future. His thoughts were quickly disrupted. “Hey bud, how's it going? What was so important that you had to talk to me about?” Chris asked. “It's to hard. I can't go .....

Trip To Cedar Point
Number of words: 325 - Number of pages: 2

.... shade from the sun and get something to eat. So we went into a pizza place and ate. After dinner we went on all our favorite rides. As we were walking around all of our friends were asking us if we rode Demon Drop. Instead of getting ridiculed the whole way home, we decided to ride it. We had just enough time. {Strapping us in} my heart started pounding. As we slowly lifted off the ground it started to beat harder. I could see far out over Lake Erie as we steadily rose to the top. It was like time was standing still when we reached our climax at the t .....

Creative Writing: South Vs. North
Number of words: 1192 - Number of pages: 5

.... what it at first appears to have. Once again, we had slaves. We kept these things alive and helped them out. Like I said earlier they would have died if it wasn't for us. We gave them a home and fed them when they needed to be fed. All we ask for in return is that they work on our farms. They are property of ours, we bought and paid for them legally. It says that one of my rights as a United States citizen, is my right to own private property. I have written proof of ownership of these wild animals. That's all that they are, animals. Think about thos .....

My Trip On The Ganges River
Number of words: 419 - Number of pages: 2

.... that each year, thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit such holy cities as Benares and Allahabad along the banks of the Ganges. They go there just to bathe in the river and to take home some of its water. The Ganges River is so important to the Indians that they call it "Ganga Mata" or Mother Ganges. It is also the greatest waterway in India and one of the largest in the world. Temples line the riverbank, and stairways, called ghats, lead down to the water. I am enclosing one of the pictures I took of the Ganges River. The river is an important trade place. Its v .....

Personal Writing: My New Life In India
Number of words: 752 - Number of pages: 3

.... school. "We have the best futbol (soccer) field in all of India," he said. "It has an electronic scoring board, and the surface is fluorescent blue astroturf." This was an enormous motivation factor, due to the fact that soccer is my favorite sport. "And the food is delectable," he went on, "They serve chicken curry with juicy vegetables four out of the seven days of the week." I ate chicken curry every chance I got, so this, added to the soccer field, made the school sound fantastic. "The weather is remarkable. The temperature year-round i .....

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