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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Personal Writing: Nature And The Self
Number of words: 528 - Number of pages: 2

.... sun rises, the waves roll in gently and the birds stretch out before they begin their flight for the day. When the wind picks up, so do the waves, the sights, the smells and the sounds. I, too, pick up after a cup of coffee. The beach differs from my work immensely. I work in the finance industry where customers are our number one concern. There is never a moment’s peace, the phone rings constantly, and tension envelopes everyone around. It is a very fast paced job where people thrive on stress. My home life isn’t much different than my work. I am .....

Personal Writing: Going To College And Studying Social Service
Number of words: 629 - Number of pages: 3

.... with the HMO's, patients usually had a co-pay, which they needed to pay as they checked in with the receptionists. I can honestly say that this was the worst part of my job, and I know the other receptionists I worked with felt as I did. Most of the patients were quite rude about having to pay this before they even saw the doctor, but if you didn't collect this co-pay the patient would never stop to pay it on their way out of the office. They would make us feel as if we were actually pocketing this money and going to luch with it. It was so humiliating a .....

Conversation With A Doctor
Number of words: 3964 - Number of pages: 15

.... we never needed anything larger -- not that it's small, of course. A condominium. Well, I teach literature at McGill. And I went on an academic exchange to Germany. Hamburg. It's an ugly city, but we enjoyed it anyway. Yes, teaching. I got Arnaud to travel around Germany a bit, and we came back through France. No, I wish I had learnt it, but since I taught my students in French it didn't matter too much. And of course they all speak English. When we got back. The time we were there was fine. We'd rented it out to a coup .....

Creative Writing: Equality
Number of words: 1129 - Number of pages: 5

.... gurgled in his natural grotesque voice. With the acknowledgment of the audience, he sipped the glass of ice water which stood on the podium and cleared his throat. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to inform you of a discovery that my team of genetic scientist and I have discovered." The more he said the more I wanted to hear. I wanted to shout to make him blurt it out, but it was impossible to speed him up, attention was the reason why he became a scientist. He didn't care about the effects of his discoveries, as long as he packed the expo center the next w .....

A Trip To The Dark Side
Number of words: 846 - Number of pages: 4

.... on the rapidly sinking ship to wait for another ship to come by. Hector decided he was willing to agree with Steve, who had been his best friend through grade school. After five minutes of discussing memories, praying, and then telling each other how much they would miss each other, a ship came out of nowhere. It was a black ship, very large and elegant looking. From a distance, it appeared to be a cruise ship. As the ship came closer, Steve spotted a name on the ship. It read, “SSDARKSIDE”. The crew of the ship appeared odd. The crew all had burn m .....

Creative Story: Our Journey To Earth
Number of words: 715 - Number of pages: 3

.... prepared. There also seems to be a strong sexual attraction between the two species. The setting in this picture is very relaxing and seems to be a place of excitement for the jovial humans. Cigarettes appear to be a source of absolute happiness. Another source of satisfaction for the humanoids are bottles of alcohol which seem to bring smiles to dispirited individuals. This picture that I'm looking at now has some type of amphibious creature saying the same word "Budweiser". This small creature is in the middle of a large humanoid gathering, where .....

Personal Writing: Drag Racing
Number of words: 689 - Number of pages: 3

.... my car. Sweat and hours of hard work finally prepared my car for racing. The interior was stripped down to the sheet metal and contained only the driver's seat to reduce weight. The whole exhaust system was removed to gain that little edge of power, which is essential for racing. My car was finally race ready, waiting to tear up the track. The following day, our race team met up at the track. In the pit area, we changed out our street tires for high performance drag slicks. After a few more last minute adjustments, I pulled into the staging lane and w .....

Spy Games - Creative Essay
Number of words: 8781 - Number of pages: 32

.... very seriously. In fact we never even referred to is as a game. Mostly because we were working our maneuvers on real people who didn't know we were just a group of teenagers pretending to be spies. Every week we'd have at least one meeting at my house to talk about how things were going. Sometimes depending on the case or goal we were pursuing, the meetings would run on into the late of night. I guess it could be said that I was leader of our group. The meetings were held at my house, and I was the one who brought together the present group of agents. In t .....

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