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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Going Out On My Own
Number of words: 761 - Number of pages: 3

.... with Rick Rubinski, the owner, who turned out to be an old hippie friend of my fatherís from the early seventies, and was hired on the spot. I was hired as a cook and was soon running the kitchen for the day shift. Our menu mainly consisted of home cooked favorites such as boiled pot roast with new potatoes and honey glazed carrots, meat loaf with a spicy tomato sauce, and my personal favorite chicken fried steak. Our chicken fried steak was a half-pound monster that was double breaded, deep-fried and served with a white gravy made from bacon grease, French fries .....

Creative Writing: A Night Fishing
Number of words: 1108 - Number of pages: 5

.... be more famous then Leonardo da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper. We would sometimes make dummy bodies that would lie lifeless all night under tightly nitid sheets. The Abig yellow house@ is where we met. From there we would do whatever sounded like the most fun. Sometimes it was hanging out and eating ice cream all night. Other times we would go tick someone off by tee- peeing their house. And yes, there were even times when we would go fishing at this lake that was out in the middle of nowhere. We called this lake the back- lake because it was the l .....

The Old Man: An Allegory
Number of words: 425 - Number of pages: 2

.... worked in the same company. However, unfortunately, after 3 months of his marriage, his mother died by the cancer. Because his momís death suddenly occurred, he could not afford sadness for a while. After the momís death, her husband, the old man, moved to his sonís house, because his whole body was very weakened because of excessive amount of work when his son was attending college. Anyway, the old man was frankly not happy since he thought that his son would feel uncomfortable, especially in the beginning of his marriage. Believe it or not, his son, who alwa .....

Creative Writing: No Coins Please
Number of words: 684 - Number of pages: 3

.... superstitious. Kevin, was a photoholic. Sam, was one that liked to fight for his rights. Rob and Denis then told us that we were supposed to name our van. Denis came up with the name "Ambulance" and the rest of the group agreed. On our way to our first stop, New York, we got a speeding ticket because someone was tailgating our van. The next morning, in Central Park, the director gave a speech telling what they would be doing for the next few weeks. By the end of the speech, I was already out of site, down in a subway station changing into a tux .....

Personal Writing: The Path To The Unknown
Number of words: 1298 - Number of pages: 5

.... thanks for volunteering. Since I know your playing ability, I will tell Willie that there is no need for a tryout. Besides, I think he is becoming desperate if you ask me. You will also need to go to U.D. on Saturday for practice. Do you need a ride?" "O.K." and ďYes,Ē was all I was able to say. What had I done? I was not qualified to play in the honors band I stink. I had trouble playing the music in the high school jazz band, let alone the music that was geared towards the musically gifted! The next few hours and throughout that night, I could .....

Creative Writing: A Grim Conclusion
Number of words: 1067 - Number of pages: 4

.... in his early twenties. "Sorry to wake you," the man said. "But may I sit beside you. I need a rest, and this is the best seat in the park." The old man hesitated slightly and forced a friendly smile, "Of course." He paused as the man sat down, "Do you have a name, son?" The man smiled, "My friends call me Stan. And you...?" "Gregory McFinnly." He shook Stanís hand firmly and suppressed a yawn. "Its a beautiful morning." Stan nodded and turned to face the sunset, "Its too bad it all has to end." "What?" Gregory cocked his head. "Itíll be all over s .....

Creative Writing: A World Without Engineers
Number of words: 543 - Number of pages: 2

.... "You banished all the chemical engineers to the powder mines, so we cannot make the intoxicating chemicals anymore." King Syphilis was quite mad. Nobody talked back to him and go away with it. "Bring me my plutonium phasor gun, so that I may vaporize this impudent guy," ordered the king. "I'm sorry, my good King Syphilis," replied another servant. "Since you deported all the nuclear engineers to the powder mines, we have been unable to operate the plutonium powered phasor gun." Now the king was really mad. "I'm really mad!" said the king. "Bring me my limo .....

An Asian American In America
Number of words: 771 - Number of pages: 3

.... escaped from Cambodia twice, the first time we got caught and were sent to jail for one day. The second time, we escaped into Thailand and stayed there for about one year. My aunt living in the United States decided to bring my family to the United State, so we made the long and tuff struggle to America. We went to the Philippine Island for six months so that were medically prepared to go to the United States. After six months we were given a departure date. During these times, my parents struggle to keep us alive through any means. They wanted us to have .....

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